Limiting purchase of agricultural land: not in line with EU law

Following reform of the law on land privatization, the rights of EU citizens to purchase land in Latvia continue to be restricted, in violation of EU law. A detailed analysis has now been published in the legal periodical Agrar- und Umweltrecht 12/2017 by authors Mayr/Daniels/Klauberg of bnt Riga.

The law on land privatization regulates acquisition of land by private persons. It concerns both agricultural and other kinds of land. Following a reform of the law in July 2017, some restrictions on the requirements for persons able to purchase land have been removed. However, other restrictions have been added. Among others, persons may now own only up to 4000 hectares of land. But in particular the far-reaching language requirements are of concern.

In an article published in the legal periodical Agrar- und Umweltrecht in December, bnt authors Magdalena Mayr, Dr. Jan Benjamin Daniels and Theis Klauberg analyse in detail why the law in its current form continues to violate the basic freedoms of the European Union.

Source: Agrar- und Umweltrecht 12/2017, p. 450

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