Slovakia: State aid for employers during the state of emergency

Details of the adopted measure No. 3 to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on employers in Slovakia

Only recently, new details on the conditions of state aid for employers whose turnover has fallen as a result of the state of emergency have been published. The current model uses two alternatives:

– employers can apply for a wage replacement allowance for an employee to whom the employer cannot assign work due to obstacles on the part of the employer (the wage replacement allowance is 80% of the employee’s average wage, up to a maximum of EUR 880.00), or

– employers can apply for reimbursement of part of the wage costs for each employee, depending on the employer’s turnover decrease (up to a maximum of EUR 540.00 for April), regardless of whether the employer assigns work to the employee or cannot assign work to the employee due to an obstacle on the part of the employer.

Employers must choose one of the alternatives listed above for the entire duration of the state aid.

We are ready to advise you on the amount of the state aid and how to apply for it.

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