Electrification of railway network

Latvia: Electrification project announced for railway networks Daugavpils-Riga and Krustpils-Riga.

In efforts to further promote and modernize the currently archaic transit network in Latvia, railway lines from Daugavpils and Krustpils to Riga will be electrified. As of 2017, only 14% of Latvia’s rail network lines are electrified, resulting in grave consequences to the environment due to pollution arising from diesel emissions. Similarly, electrification will reduce cargo transportation costs, with annual savings for business owners amounting to up to EUR 15 million.

While the project was initially supposed to electrify lines leading to Ventspils, the current project was considered more business-friendly due to the increasing annual cargo turnover of Riga seaport.

No significant dates have been announced.

Executed by State Joint Stock Company “Latvian Railway”

Total project expenses are expected to amount to EUR 519 million, with co-financing from the European Cohesion Fund amounting to EUR 347 million.

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