50 million EUR for Vistula development


Poland: Warsaw to rebuild riverside embankments in upcoming six years



Thanks to its wild bank on the Warsaw Praga district side, the Vistula is an exceptional river in Europe. No other big city river has this type of bank. The city of Warsaw has prepared plans for Vistula bank development for 2014-2020. During the last five years Warsaw has spent 57 million EUR on riverside investment and for the upcoming six years Poland’s capital has allocated 50 million EUR for the same purpose. A major expense will be revitalization of riversides, which should take around 24 million EUR. Maintenance and modernization of flood protection systems will cost another 12 million EUR. The authorities plan to build city beaches and open-air swimming pools for 8 million EUR. The rest of the money will go for development of inland shipping, recreational facilities and cycle lanes.

Financed from the city budget, investment along the Vistula offers many opportunities to take part in tenders and secure lucrative contracts, mostly for construction companies.


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