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Selected Publications:

Blockchain, Smart Contracts und Recht – Smart Contracts als Risiko für Informatiker (together with V. Skwarek), in: Informatik Spektrum, 42 (3) 2019, pp. 197–204
Smart Contracts and Void Declarations of Intent, in: Cappiello, C.; Ruiz Carmona, M. (Eds.). Information Systems Engineering in Responsible Information Systems (168−175). Heidelberg: Springer International Publishing, Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing 350, pp. 168–175
The Private International Law of Companies in Europe – Estonia, in: C. Gerner-Beuerle, F. M. Mucciarelli, E. Schuster, M. Siems (Eds.), The Private International Law of Companies in Europe. München: Beck, Hart, Nomos, pp. 350-363.
On the Regulatory Framework for Last-Mile Delivery Robots (together with G. Prause), in: Machines 2018, 6(3) (33)
The Brexit and Private International Law: An Outlook from the Consumer Insolvency Perspective, in: Ramiro Troitino, D.; Kerikmäe, T.; Chochia, A. (Eds.), Brexit: History, Reasoning and Perspectives, Springer International Publishing 2018, pp. 237−248
Legal Technology for Law Firms: Determining Roadmaps for Innovation (together with Tanek Kerikmäe and Archil Chochia), in: Croatian International Relations Review, 24 (81), pp. 91−112
Enforcing Chinese Antimonopoly Law in the Internet Industry: An Analysis with Special References to (together with Z. Wang), in: China and WTO Review, 2016, 2 (2), pp. 223−256
Reflections on Opportunities for Comparative Private Law in Academia: Central and Eastern Europe, in: Review of Central and East European Law 2014, 39, pp. 1−17
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How to keep open-source based innovation approaches sustainable: A view from the intellectual property law perspective (together with G. Prause), in: Journal of Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues, 2015, 2, pp. 133−141
The Abstraction Principle: A pillar of the future Estonian Intellectual Property Law? (together with Aleksei Kelli and Arve Värv), in: European Review of Private Law 21 (3) 2013, pp. 823-842
The Phenomenon of „Consumer Insolvency Tourism“ and its Challenges to European Legislation, in: Journal of Consumer Policy 35/2012, pp. 461-475
The Principle of Abstraction in Estonian and German Intellectual Property Law (in Estonian, together with Aleksei Kelli and Arve Värv), in: Juridica VII/2012, pp. 535-542
The Abrogation of Administrative Acts and its Impact on Investment Contracts in Kazakhstan and Germany, in: „The Relationship between Foreign Investment Law and Environmental Law“, Monsen-stein&Vannerdatt, Münster 2011, pp. 135-147
Anmerkung zu BGH IX ZR 160/08 (Zur Wirkung der insolvenzrechtlichen Anfechtung von Verrechnungen auf einem Kontokorrentkonto auf weitere Verträge zwischen Bank und Schuldnerin), (on § 131 InsO) in: EWiR, February edition 2011, RWS, Köln 2011, pp. 89-91
Zur Einschränkung des Anwendungsbereichs von § 114 Abs. 1 InsO im Falle eines Arbeitsplatzwechsels des Insolvenzschuldners nach Insolvenzeröffnung (together with Christian Wrede), in: ZVI, March 2011, RWS, Köln 2011, pp. 85-92

A complete CV as well as a full list of publications is available on etis (=the Estonian Research Information System).


Jagiellonian University Krakow, Poland (LL.M., 2009)
OLG Stuttgart, Germany (second state examination, 2007)
Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, Germany (Dr. iur., 2006)
Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, Germany (first state examination, 2005)

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