Road resurfacing and construction

Belarus: Two roads are to be built in Belarus on the basis of public-private partnership projects.

The first project involves the M10 (the road from the border of the Russian Federation – Gomel – Kobryn – 543 km). The road has 2-4 traffic lanes and the length is 74.6 km. The M10 is an international road and provides the shortest connection between EU states, Belarus and the Russian Federation. The payback on investments will be carried out from budget funds and payments by
transport users.

The second project is a trunk road in Gomel with a bridge across the river Sozh. The length of the road is 41.35 km, while the length of the bridge is 408.9 m. The project will be realized according to the BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model. Payback on investments will be carried out from payments by transport users, profit from use of roadside infrastructural objects (e.g. motels, trading facilities) and from budget funds. 

Significant dates: 2016-2018 (M10)

Executed by: Ministry of Transport and Communications

Value est.: EUR 312 million (road M10); EUR 170 million (trunk road Gomel)

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