Investment in Biopharmaceuticals Production

Belarus: An opportunity to establish biopharmaceutical production facilities.

The project aims at construction of a biopharmaceuticals (e.g. antisera, probiotics) production plant. The plant will be located in the Great Stone Industrial Park – a site for a favourable tax regime. Currently no biopharmaceutical products are produced in Belarus. An agreement on mutual market authorization of pharmaceuticals certificates will be adopted within the Common economic area of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan by the end of 2014. Belarusian companies will obtain easy access to the Russian and Kazakh pharmaceutical markets.

Coupled with Russia’s plans to increase biopharmaceutical consumption by 8.3% by 2020, an investment now may provide an excellent high-profit and low-risk opportunity. 

Development of pharmaceuticals production is considered to be one of the economic focuses of the Belarussian Government. Estimated payback periods range between 4-7 years.

Executed by: Industrial park “Great Stone”

Value est.: Greenfield investment

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