Special fleet card regulations adopted for the first time in Belarus.

New Presidential Edict No. 40 of 06.02.2020 “On fleet cards” comes into legal force from 9 August 2020.


The new Edict regulates various aspects of issue and use of fleet cards, as well as legally defining the term “fleet card” as a plastic card and (or) a virtual electronic account number in the provider’s system, chip, QR-code, bar-code, or other electronic device.

Fleet cards are clearly indicated as not electronic money so that providing fleet card services must not necessarily involve banks or other financial institutions. The Edict distinguishes between two types of activity involving fleet cards: (i) issuing fleet cards to clients and (ii) collecting, processing and transferring data on transactions backed by fuel cards. In addition, Belarusian companies can only issue fleet cards if their primary business is either fuel retail or wholesale or toll collection.

Moreover, companies must be specially registered to carry out their activities. Issuing fleet cards without registration may involve liability. The Council of Ministers must lay down the registration procedure by 9 August 2020. Collecting, processing and transferring data on transactions backed by fuel cards in Belarus can be carried out by Belarusian fleet card providers themselves and by other Belarusian legal entities without additional limitations imposed. Foreign fleet cards can be used in Belarus alongside local ones.

For a foreign fuel card to be accepted at a Belarusian sales point the issuer must conclude an agreement with the sales point or with a Belarusian company that collects, processes and transfers data on transactions backed by fuel cards. A specific list of terms and conditions must be agreed upon by the parties to these agreements. Outside of Belarus tracking of toll payments, purchases of fuels, lube oils and other goods is only allowed through fleet cards from Belarussian issuers.

Source: National legal internet portal of the Republic of Belarus (NLIP) 06.02.2020, 1/18832

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