New Labour Code

Lithuania: New Labour Code: in a sprint to the finish?

The Tripartite Council of the Republic of Lithuania has finished discussions on the new Labour Code. As announced on the website of the Ministry of Social Security and Labour, an agreement was signed on most of the debatable issues (

The agreement allows employees 20 working days of annual leave. Additional and prolonged vacations will be regulated by Governmental decisions.

Questions about the maximum amount of working time are also resolved. According to the agreement, a working week longer than 60 hours (including additional work and overtime) will be forbidden. Where a cumulated working regime applies, the reporting period will be three months and the maximum weekly working time will be 52 hours, excluding additional work and on-call duty.

The remaining questions that were resolved concern division of functions between labour councils and trade unions, entitlement to payment of sick leave, and other matters.

These draft amendments to the Labour Code will now be placed before the Seimas for review. The aim is to adopt the amendments by 1 July 2017, the day planned for the Labour Code to enter into force.

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